Planning for a Prosperous Future

Personal and Intimate

Personal finance can be intimidating and confusing. To make it worse, some in the financial services industry think the answer is longer reports, more complicated products and technology that is frustrating to use. KFS was founded with the philosophy of doing what is best for each and every client. That starts by making our client's lives easier. KFS builds for each of its clients a unique platform to monitor and understand their financial picture and continues to adapt the experience to each client's preferences. And while some firms like to "collect" clients, we prefer to serve a small number of client families so that their experience can be both intimate and personal. KFS' passion is to empower the individual investor through personal contact, a simple to understand investment process and clear communication.

A Newer Breed of Advisor

KFS is an investment management and financial planning firm that is part of the fasted growing segments in the financial services industry. We are a fee-only, registered investment advisor firm. What does this mean? It means we have a legal obligation to do only what is in our client's best interest, as opposed to the lower suitability standard at most brokerage firms. We collect no commissions, rewards or incentives from any company in exchange for recommending a certain product or strategy. We are paid only by our clients for our services. Not a brokerage firm, mutual fund, or insurance company. This puts KFS representatives in the role of coach, educator and unbiased financial counselor to our clients instead of the traditional product sales based advisor with whom you might be used to working.

A Noticeable Difference


You will notice a few things different working with KFS than your experiences dealing with a stock broker. First, we don't sell anything. Nothing, expect our service of course. Our client meetings revolve around your progress towards your financial goals, not you listening to a sales pitch about a new investment, insurance policy (annuities) or some credit card. Secondly, you will notice that our pricing is completely transparent. We don't hide fees or commissions inside a product we recommend. Plus, since we are only paid a fee to manage your investments and provide advice, we tend to recommend and implement some of the lowest cost investment vehicles to our clients. Finally, you will be working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, not just a person with a license to sell you a mutual fund. We want our clients to feel as though they are being looked after in ways they didn't know where available to them before.

Goal Focused Investment Management

Our investment management service is designed to maximize your wealth building potential while providing you with a simple to understand process.  KFS earns no commissions through our investment making decisions. Our sole objective is to help you achieve your goals.  Instead of purchasing individual securities, we develop broad based, globally diversified portfolios with the aim of minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

Our investment decisions are based on our understanding of the Modern Portfolio Theory,  Behavioral Finance and, most importantly, your objectives. We provide value by creating efficient portfolios, minimizing taxes and expenses, and our rebalancing approach that captures gains and maintains efficiency.


Technology Working for People, Not Replacing Them

KFS provides you with the ability to see all of your investment accounts regardless of where they are held, such as a brokerage firm, insurance company or bank. This also applies to the assets we may not manage. Doing this allows clients to see their complete financial picture along with on demand performance reports and weekly email updates.

While KFS uses technology to make communications and reporting super easy, it does not take the place of in-person meetings. KFS representatives will meet clients in KFS’ office, the client’s home, or even over a cup of coffee. Just let us know what works best for you!

About Josh Kettleson

Hi. My name is Josh Kettleson. I started Kettleson Financial Services, LLC after spending more than 10 years in the traditional brokerage and trust industry. During my time with two excellent companies, I started to realize there was, in my opinion, a better way to serve clients. More personal attention, lower fees and greater transparency remain the reasons I am confident you will enjoy your experience with my company.

I earned a MBA from Millikin University a BA degree from Eastern Illinois University. I am also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner with 13 years of financial services industry experience.

Additionally, I am a 8 year veteran of the US Marine Corps. My wife, Amy, and I have been married for nearly 16 years and together we have three sons Samuel (14), Jacob (11) and Benjamin (6). We also have a Golden Retriever, Tucker, and two rescue cats Buzz and Penny (we basically live in a zoo).

Please reach out to me if you would like a second (or first) opinion of your current financial situation or if you'd like more information. My email address is Thank you!